Support Transportation YOU

Supporting Transportation YOU means partnering in the future of the Transportation industry.

A partnership between your company and WTS International will be beneficial in the advancement of our shared goals:

  • To educate and empower girls with respect to their opportunities in transportation careers.
  • To link girls with role models through one-on-one mentorship programs.
  • To provide internships and career development opportunities.
  • To help girls build leadership skills and self confidence.
  • To improve STEM education options.
  • To incentivize the pursuit of STEM success through scholarship opportunities.
  • To contribute to the diversity and creativity of our transportation workforce.

As a future financial supporter of Transportation YOU, we would like to invite you to participate in our regional mentorship programs, engineering challenges, networking events, and possibly sitting on the Transportation YOU Honorary Steering Committee.

The transportation industry has plans to make huge leaps forward in technology, efficiency, accessibility, and sustainability. But this groundbreaking effort requires a new generation of well-trained experts with technical know-how to take over at the helm as previous generations retire.  Our partner in Transportation YOU—Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood—said it best: “To fill these jobs, we need to prepare young people to seize the opportunities before them.  That means teaching the STEM skills.  But that also means linking young women with role models and with mentors.”

Transportation YOU provides you with an unprecedented opportunity to help drastically change the face of the transportation industry through the advancement of girls.  A partnership between your company and WTS International will be mutually beneficial in the fulfillment of our shared STEM and mentorship goals.