Mentoring is at the heart of the Transportation YOU initiative. Mentor/mentee relationships motivate many of our other initiatives. WTS International members have the resources and experience to guide young girls towards success.

Transportation YOU matches girls ages 13-18 with transportation professionals that act as both role models and resources. Mentors and their protégés meet at least once per month to discuss educational and professional goals. Our professional mentors do more than just tell their stories—they introduce mentees to their workplace and to other successful women in the transportation industry.

Find a Mentor

Are you curious about a career in transportation? Do you want to learn about internship, networking and scholarship opportunities? Would you like to build a relationship with a transportation professional in your area?

We are currently linking girls with mentors in their region. If you’re interested in finding a mentor, please email In your email, tell us your name, your age, and where you live. We will do our best to match you with a mentor.