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Mentorship Team Spotlight: Kristen and Daisy, WTS Colorado

Mentoring is at the heart of the Transportation YOU initiative. Mentorship exposes girls to opportunities in transportation fields early, inspires them to set high goals, and provides girls with the tools to succeed academically and, eventually, professionally. WTS International sat down with a mentorship pair from the WTS Colorado Chapter’s Transportation YOU program—Kristen Liggett, Transportation [Read On]

Boston Girls Get Hands-On Surveying Experience

The high school girls in the Transportation YOU Program at Shawsheen Regional Technical High School in Boston, Massachusetts, participated in a surveying workshop put together by the WTS Boston Chapter, Nitsch Engineering, and STV Incorporated. The girls were given a brief introduction to surveying and its applications before heading outside to an athletic field. Jeffrey [Read On]

Project Idea: How Strong is Your Suspension Bridge?

A bridge in which the deck (the load-bearing portion) is hung below suspension cables on vertical suspenders is called a suspension bridge. With tall towers, long spans, and gracefully curving cables, they are beautiful examples of the work of civil engineers. Wonder how the cables and towers carry the load that is on the bridge? In this [Read On]